MI Academy

...your new online resource center containing everything you need to maximize your Digital Suite experience.

Plan your launch, learn how to use our tools, see examples of our controls in action, and get answers from our knowledge base all in one easy-to-navigate site. Introducing MI Academy!


  • Enables users to educate and train themselves on the Digital Suite, through the use of detailed site launch “Road Maps” and “Quick Launch” application guides
  • Detailed documentation is available for every aspect of the Digital Suite, broken down into digestible, easy-to-understand, capsule stories
  • Searchable index of FAQ and website solutions
  • “Plan” section assists in website launch strategy, clearly explaining the essential components and considerations an entity needs to be familiar with before launch


  • Allows for turn-key onboarding of new personnel
  • Makes it easy for existing personnel to strengthen their knowledge of, and comfort with, the Digital Suite
  • Helps with the strategic planning of a site launch
  • Serves as a “go-to” resource for all questions, concerns, and knowledge
  • All support resources in one place, accessible with your Digital Suite login


Stay tuned for our announcement of the official MI Academy launch – Coming this spring!

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