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We give you a platform built for engagement, seasoned sales training, and rock solid support.
You build a profitable interactive business.


Our cloud based software as a service (SaaS) model provides companies with significant business value not often possible with many solutions.  All of our products within the Digital Suite utilize the cloud to provide on-demand access 24/7 with frequent feature and functionality updates.

Our cloud environment allows you to…

  • Capitalize on expertise from a well-established technology provider

  • Benefit from frequent and ongoing product development, keeping you competitive

  • Utilize our full service client support to reduce internal support costs

Enterprise Hosting In The Cloud:   We deploy the latest technology in our data centers.  You don't have to worry about hardware, servers, connectivity issues, or other hosting hassles.

Scalability:  Standardized, scalable and secure physical infrastructure with multiple levels of redundancy.


Core features include…

Page Manager:  Publish and un-publish pages, quickly define meta-tags, page naming conventions and other page details.

Framework Manager:  Facilitates the manipulation of navigation, mastheads and footers.

Media Manager:  Easily manage and store video, audio, pictures and other files.

Control Manager:  A catalog of deployed tools for easy look-up.

Layouts:  A series of content layouts unique to your licensed products.

Skins:  Instantly wrap products in a pre-defined design skin to maintain continuity of design.

Additional functionality includes…

Image Rotator:  Rotate billboards including hyperlinks.

Age Verification:   Protect age-restricted content.

Control Scheduling & Publishing:  Predetermine when content is published to a specific page and when it is unpublished.  

Drag & Drop Editing:  Moved deployed content by dragging to a new location.

Google Search:  Site search utilizing Google’s domain search functionality.

Internationalization:  Publish your site in the language of your choice.  

MailTo Form:  Easy to deploy mailto form.

OpenGraph Tagging:   Add OpenGraph tags to pages for easy social sharing. Tags are automatically generated for dynamically served pages.

Package Generator:  Instantly generates a series of product controls, saving significant time.

Rich Text Editor:  Create HTML, Java Script and other custom content using this tool and easily replicate content across a Site.  Includes built-in WYSIWYG editing capabilities.

Rights & Permissions:  Manage entity users’ ability to access select tools and content.

RSS Consumer:  Enables the ability to consume RSS feeds for display on your website.

Mobile Web Presentation: Enables presentation on mobile devices.

Our Digital Suite provides a comprehensive selection of tools and functionality, but sometimes you need to utilize 3rd party products. 

Integrated 3rd party content includes…

*AMG:  Music information integration including artist bios, album art, track details, etc.

*Associated Press:  USA news and video feeds.

*Canadian Press:  Canadian news and video feeds.

*Some third party products will require a license prior to implemention.

Web service integration…

Web Services & APIs:  Advanced users can build upon our solid foundation and integrate other 3rd party services.

Some examples include...

  • Ad Serving

  • Now Playing

  • Audio & Video Streaming

  • OnDemand Audio & Video

  • Site Metrics

  • Social Media


Services include… 

LIVE Phone & Email Support:   Marketron Interactive’s staff of highly trained client support personnel are available to assist from the hours of 7:00AM to 7:00PM Central Time.

24/7 Emergency Technical Support:  Marketron Interactive has several systems that will alert us if a technical emergency occurs, however, we will also supply emergency contact information to directly reach the on-call staff should we not automatically be notified of a technical event.

MI Academy:  This solutions portal is full of over 800 “how to’s” accessible anytime, any day.

Comprehensive Documentation:  Documentation is available for every technical service Marketron Interactive offers.

Project Management:  Marketron Interactive’s Sales Operations team oversees all projects from start to finish. 

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Digital Suite Products

2.1 GEOSTATION, comprehensive audience intelligence

Capture. Analyze. Target. GeoStation provides you with the most comprehensive suite of tools to enable you to capture valuable information about how your users are engaging with your brand.  Gain a better understanding of who's participating and how they're interacting with your site in order to identify and reward your most loyal fans.

Level the playing field by providing highly targetable and measurable advertising programs.  Target messaging to specific groups of like minded individuals based on past behaviors and react immediately utilizing real-time campaign analytics.

GeoStation Tools Include…

Affinity Clubs:  Easily register fans to an unlimited number of club groups. Once registered, GeoStation will track several touch points the member has throughout the site.

Contests:  Quickly create and manage contests, including contacting winners.

Email Campaigns:  Deliver HTML and/or text information to database members.  Includes the ability to send text based alerts and supplies users with email templating including starter design templates.

Surveys:  Create multiple question types, export the details and review detailed reports.

Universal Login & Remember Me: Users login once to access protected content and allows the user to be “remembered” for two weeks.

Automated Birthday Greetings:  Automatically deliver a birthday greeting message to members on their birthday.

GeoStation Reports Include…

Query Builder:  Allows for the creation of custom-defined sub-groups using a variety of filters, which include; age, gender, zip code, date, activity level, applications used, contest type and past contests.

Member Touch-point Reports:  Ready-made reports detailing member touch-points, member subscription history, member demographics, most active members, weekly subscribes/un-subscribes, contesting ROI analysis, contest history, and a host of other detailed reporting.

Email Campaign Tracking:   Enables the tracking of all HTML email campaigns, including: total recipients, bounce-backs, open count, click-through rate.

GeoStation® Mapping:   A powerful geo-mapping product that displays mapped member location information to aid in the development of any and all member-focused marketing/promotions, such as: email campaigns, street marketing, audience profiling, PPM related profiling, outdoor advertising and various other geographically related activity.

2.2 BASESTATION, engaging users & building brand loyalty

BaseStation Tools Include…

Feeds:  Author, categorize, and tag a set of articles comprised of text and/or rich media content on a given topic.

Photo Albums:  Create dynamic photo galleries that auto resize uploads; captions and attributions can be added.

Branding:  Create custom branding for your photo galleries.

Podcasts:  Quickly create audio files in podcast format from an existing MP3 file and syndicate to your subscribers. 

Concert Calendars:  Easily create concert-centric calendars with a link to purchase tickets. 

Event Calendars:  Easily create events focused on community, venue or category. 

Polls:   A text-based question with multiple-choice answers and real-time results.

On-Air Now:  The automated display of a talent photo, name and show time at the time their show is on-air.

Now Playing:  The automated display of on-air content. (Requires compatible studio software)

iTunes® integration and Music Librarian:  A custom set of controls that allow music download and discovery powered by iTunes and their library of over 20 million songs.

Social Integration:  Share content via social networks.

Commenting & Likes Engine:  Users can quickly and easily like content, post public comments, reply directly to other's comments and manage a personal commenting profile.

Showcases:  Visitors submit, display and rate photos and text on a given topic.

Video Channels:  Create pages that feature video from YouTube. Videos can be user-submitted or webmaster posted.

2.3 GUIDABLE, turns your tastemaking authority into monetizable guides

Guidable helps you build context and rich content around traditional business listings.  Start with a theme, a best-of list, or an event guide and create detailed profiles for businesses that reflect the lifestyle and interests of your users.  Add Digital Suite Tools to enhance profiles and provide a rich user experience.

Guidable Tools Include…

Profiles & Guides:  A profile is a unique business listing with mapping; a guide is a collection of profiles.

Guidable Controls:  Tease profile details and browse for other listings throughout your site.

Reporting Features:  Enables you to measure usage of Guidable.

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3.1 SALES IMMERSION, building your interactive business

Interactive Sales Immersion is a 1 or 2-day training for all Account Executives, Sales Managers, and Programming staff.  Our goal is to provide a thorough understanding of interactive revenue opportunities and inventory beyond traditional banner ads and email newsletters.

We also spend time with management ensuring they understand interactive inventory, pricing, and forecasting.

Sales Immersion Includes…

Intelligence Gathering:  Our first step is to gather information about your staff and learn what they are currently selling online.  We will then determine which new solutions to share with your staff during training.

Sales Introduction:  We will explore the opportunities beyond traditional CPM-driven inventory, help establish a common interactive vocabulary, demystify web metrics, explore real-life case studies and show smart uses of listener data in campaigns.

Inventory:  An introduction to a new world of interactive inventory and a tour of our Interactive Idea Vault, containing hundreds of case studies and sales resources.

Programming and Promotions Personnel:  This introduction for programming and promotions personnel will ensure that everyone understands both the new revenue opportunities available and successful strategies for audience database management.

Management:  A review of the essentials to a successful interactive business, including: job descriptions and responsibilities, workflow optimization, compensation/incentive plans, and revenue budgeting.

Successful Sales Processes:  We will teach your team the six-step process to fueling a successful sales strategy.

Pricing & Forecasting:  We will provide a formula for building a profitable interactive revenue stream with pricing models and forecasting tools.

Winning Integrated Campaigns:  A review of the Eight Key Elements of Success, proven case studies, pricing principles, and delivery timetables.  We will also oversee the development of your new Interactive Product and Pricing Guide.

Interactive Exercises:  Sales training concludes with prospecting, proposals, pitches, and recaps including a thorough Q&A.

3.2 SALES SUPPORT, commitment to success

Live Sales Support:
  Our Sales Support Team will be available during normal business hours to help with continued revenue development, brainstorming, and idea generation for pitches.  

Interactive Idea Vault:  A robust, ever-growing collection of hundreds of detailed success stories and on-demand sales resources. Available on a “Pay or Play” model.

Vetting Potential Interactive Hires:  Personal vetting services are available and are quoted on an hourly basis.

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4.1 SALES WORKSHOPS, enable your team

Capabilities Presentation Certification:
  Enable your team to educate advertisers on your interactive capabilities and to earn assignments to present custom campaigns.

New Interactive Sales Manager Training: A comprehensive training to get your new Interactive Sales Manager on the right track to building a profitable interactive sales division.


4.2 DIGITAL SUITE WORKSHOPS, continuing education

In order to help our clients take full advantage of our Digital Suite and general “best practices,” Marketron Interactive offers the following customized, granular, web-based training modules:

Available Workshops include…

Comprehensive Digital Suite Training:  (90 minutes) A training session focused on Digital Suite licensed products, fully customized to the needs of the individual.  Ideal for on-boarding employees that are new to Digital Suite.  Information gathering occurs prior to the session to determine what tool trainings should receive focus.  The training will cover all essential areas of building out a website via Page Management, with follow up tutorials and unlimited support.  

GeoStation® 101:  (60 minutes) Designed to introduce new users to every area of the application.

GeoStation® Graduate School:  (60 minutes) Empowering students with advanced database management techniques to impact programming, marketing and sales. 

Design & Setup

5.1  DIGITAL SUITE CUSTOM DESIGN & SETUP, 8 steps to a custom site 

Our Client Service team has helped our clients successfully launch hundreds and hundreds of sites on the Digital Suite.  They will act as your concierge throughout our 8-step setup process.

Process Includes…

1. Gathering Information:  During this phase, we introduce you to the custom design process and gather information. Elements discussed include content layout, colors, fonts, navigation, the masthead, etc.  Supporting materials are also gathered (logos & images).

2. Design:  Our design team takes all of the information gathered and uses it as a basis for an initial design.  Once the directions for your design are clear to our team, we’ll provide you with an estimated date of when you will receive an initial design composition.

3. Client Review:  We will deliver one mocked up home page and one mocked up interior page for review in the form of flat .jpg or .png images.  During this time, you will review elements such as the colors, fonts, background, skins, and masthead.

4. Revisions:  If revisions are necessary, the design team will put the site back into the design phase and address your comments/requests.  Marketron Interactive will perform a maximum of 2 rounds of revisions.  Additional revisions will be billed at $100 per design hour.  Upon approval we will put the site into the build phase.

5. Build:  In the build phase, our production team takes the approved design and codes all of the HTML/CSS that turns it into a functioning site.  During this time, we’ll also advise you of the new DNS entries and schedule your Digital Suite & Tool Training.

6. QA/Testing:   We test the site and create a limited number of starter pages with generic content within the site.  Your new website is then turned over for you to begin transferring and creating content.

7. Scheduling Digital Suite Training:  Marketron Interactive will provide the core members of your digital team with an overview into the Content and Page Management functions of The Digital Suite tailored to the needs of the audience.

8. Scheduling Launch:  You must communicate with Sales Operations team at least 72 business hours in advance on when you plan to launch your site, within a two-hour window.  While you can schedule when to formally launch your new website, it must fall within Marketron Interactive normal business hours.  We highly recommend scheduling your launch earlier in the week and before 2p Central time.


With a custom site design and setup, you will receive one custom design based on your direction and up to two rounds of revisions. Your delivered site will come with three designed skins and a set of content layouts based on your custom design.  Any additional skins or content layouts will be quoted at the rate of $100 per hour.  Marketron Interactive will execute one member import free of charge.  Any additional data or content imports will be charged at the rate of $250 per import.

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